September 21, 2021

Barcelona removed pictures of Messi from Camp Nou

Lionel Messi is now officially a Paris Saint-Germain player. He and his family traveled to Paris on Tuesday to complete the transfer, and everything from landing to presentation was completed in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, in Catalonia, FC Barcelona is also not wasting time, as they have already started erasing pictures of Argentina from the club’s facilities.

Last-minute rumors about Barcelona retaining their former captain have not materialized, and Messi left town for his new home on Tuesday. On the same day, he underwent medical treatment and signed a new two-year contract before being presented at the Park des Princes wearing a 30-year-old PSG shirt.

While PSG fans warmly welcomed the Messi family, Barcelona fans have expressed their sadness and frustration over the past several days. Despite an emotional farewell during his press conference on Sunday, everyone smiled as soon as Messi arrived in Paris.

Now, Barcelona is also in the process of moving forward. According to some photos shared on social media, the club has already ordered a massive cleanup of Messi’s photos from the club’s facilities. Workers were seen using heavy equipment to remove a picture of Macy from a large wall outside Camp Nine.

His photographs will remain in the club’s museum due to his long stay and numerous accomplishments with the club. However, the images on display outside the club’s stadium now need to be replaced.

After 21 years with Barcelona, ​​Messi has signed a two-year deal with PSG with a third option. Although his wife Antonella and their three children wanted to live in Barcelona, ​​they were all smiling in Paris as they waved to the crowd from the Hotel Monsio Balcony.

The family will now be home hunting, and will be busy settling down before the season officially begins. Messi will open a new chapter in his career, becoming a legend while playing for Barcelona when he was a teenager.

Lionel Messi
Farewell Barcelona, ​​Hello Paris ?: Lionel Messi at his farewell press conference on Sunday AFP / Pau Barina

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