September 17, 2021

Barcelona is about to lose sponsors, cryptocurrency may fail

FC Barcelona have been offered some new opportunities to escape their current financial crisis. Recent reports suggest that a number of cryptocurrency companies have expressed interest in sponsorship deals with wildly popular clubs, even losing some of their existing partnerships.

Rakutin, the club’s main shirt sponsor, has a contract with Bloggers until June 30, 2022. However, recent developments have further strengthened the relationship between the two institutions. The Japanese company was not happy when a video went viral showing Osmane Dumble, the team’s first player, making fun of Japanese hotel workers when Antonin Griezmann laughed with him.

According to BrandThe Rocket deal has dropped by 25 million, but there is no indication that it is a direct result of the racism scandal. However, it remains to be seen whether the company will go beyond its current contract with the club. The uncertainty surrounding Lionel Messi’s contract is also affecting the sponsorship scenario.

In addition to Rakin, left-arm sponsor Beko has also slashed the price of his partnership with the club from 19 19 million to مل 10 million this season. Their logos will now only appear in training gear until the end of the season, with a significant gap in space.