September 19, 2021

Barcelona is a Blair player, but the coach offers co-operation between the ongoing contract fleet

FC Barcelona are busy this summer, as they try to balance their books in the coming season. In addition to offloading players, they have been locking people they want to stop. However, Alex Moreba is stuck in a tough spot when the club refused him the terms of the contract he initially offered after reducing him to the Barcelona B team.

Marriage called Ronald Koeman to play with the first team and then proved his worth last season. The 18-year-old made his debut and made his debut for 14 teams last season, scoring one goal and three assists.

Nevertheless, the club’s uncertain financial situation did not allow him to offer the long-term contract of his choice. As such, the club has resorted to other measures. He has been ruled out of training with the B team, and was left out of the squad when he played his first friendly of the season last week.

The club made it clear that he would be sidelined until he changed his status on the extension of his contract. Barcelona B coach Sergei Bajjuan has weighed in on the situation, revealing that he has been discussing the situation with the player. “I have been talking to him, and I have told him that I help him every day, but most of all I have advised him not to let himself go. [Barcelona]”As quoted,” he said Football Espana.

What difference does it make in the end that he does not distance himself, that he takes advantage of himself better, because in the end when the situation is resolved, he knows that when he reaches the top The competition will be fierce and “if he is not physically fit he will find it very difficult.”

The coach then assured that the player was handling the situation well, despite the club’s tactics of applying pressure. It is unlikely that the club had any plans to allow him to leave, unlike what he did with Mathis Fernandes.