September 21, 2021

Barcelona have set three conditions for the new manager Dale, the agent in the negotiations.

Of Barcelona Fast transfer window Reached a conclusion on Tuesday and the club is now focusing on other deals, a new deal for manager Ronald Koeman. The rating seeks to extend the Dutchman’s contract, which is currently due to expire in 2022, but will have to meet certain conditions to extend it.

Juan Leporta wants to see Queens continue in his post, and the club is in contact with former Everton coach’s agent Rob Jensen to discuss an extension until 2023. His future, while also making sure he has full control over his squad.

According to Mundo Deportivo., The new offer of the agreement will come with some conditions that Quyman will have to meet to be valid after the summer of 2022. With La Liga and the Champions League. Club preferences

Second, Cuiman has to make sure that Barcelona can play attractive football, a style that has been popular since the days of Johan Cruyff. And last but not least, the manager has to make sure that there are playing time for the players coming through the academy and some senior players that the club wants to sell in the future.

The report mentions the name of Reiki Peuge, a top player of the academy, who is now part of the first team formed. Among the senior players, the club wants Cuiman to include Samuel Eto’o in the replay squad, despite Barcelona’s desperate efforts to remove him this summer.

The club hopes that regular playtime for Amati will help improve its market value before the transfer window in January or next summer. It remains to be seen whether Queens will accept the terms offered by the club, as there are a number of conditions that must be met.

Ronald Koeman.
Ronald Koeman returned to the club that helped him win the European Cup in 1992.
Joseph Lago / AFP

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