September 25, 2021

Barcelona gives an ultimatum to the manager to renew the contract.

FC Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman faced the press on Wednesday to discuss his future with the club. According to him, the club’s president, Juan Laporta, has set a number of conditions that need to be met before his contract can be extended. The Dutchman’s current contract expires at the end of this season.

Win trophies.

Just as it would be for any manager, and even more so for the manager of a club like Barcelona, ​​President Queiman is expected to hand out trophies. This is expected, because any coach knows that his work depends on the results. However, Koeman has an extra complex task of chasing the silverware, which was formed with a squad that was more important than anything else with a pay cap. In other words, Komen was not able to freely choose the players he wanted to work with.

Lionel Messi had to leave because the club could not afford him, and many players were sold even though he had been able to contribute to the Commonwealth project. The most notable will be Antonio Griezmann, who is now making things even more difficult for Barcelona by providing his services to La Liga holders Atletico Madrid.

Lipporta orders the selection of players.