September 18, 2021

Barcelona fans have filed a complaint against Messi’s PSG move.

Lionel Messi has been linked with a move to French giants Paris Saint-Germain since FC Barcelona confirmed last week that he will not be able to continue playing for him. However, PSG are now facing a complaint lodged against them by Barcelona fans and asked the European Commission to review the club’s financial and spending habits.

Clearly trying to stop Argentina, one of their biggest European rivals, Barcelona fans are saying that the PSG is working outside the FP rules. Coincidentally, similar rules enacted by La Liga Santander have prevented Barcelona from ratifying the extension of Messi’s contract.

According to the Spanish publication. BrandThe complaint against PSG is “based on financial facts.” The same complaint asks the League 1 organization not to consider signing Macy on the basis of the salary structure they already have.

“The PSG ratio is worse than Barcelona in terms of financial fair play,” the statement said. It was written by Dr. Juan Branco, and was reportedly submitted to the Court of Appeal by Barcelona club members. The PSG had already been cleared of FFP violations, so appeal

The statement added that in 2019/20, 99% of PSG’s revenue was used for salaries, compared to 54% for Barcelona.