September 18, 2021

Barcelona are ready to make a profit from the transfer of the former player

Former FC Barcelona player Rafina will be able to help his former employers raise some much-needed funds this summer. The attacking midfielder moved to Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer last summer, but a possible move this year could result in unexpected earnings for the cash-strapped Catalan giants.

Although Rafnaha left Spain on a free transfer, the deal with PSG includes a 35% “on sale” fee. Brand. This means that if the PSG decides to sell the player for a fee this summer, Barcelona will be entitled to a massive cut. Coincidentally, Brazil has attracted the interest of several European clubs.

He made 34 appearances with PSG last season, but manager Mauricio Pochettino chose to start him eight times. That way, he would not be completely opposed to the player being allowed to leave. Serie A sides Lazio and AC Milan have expressed interest, as has Aston Villa from the Premier League.

Rafina is expected to cost anywhere around 10 million euros, meaning Barcelona are set to make around 3.5 million euros. That’s not a lot of money, and the club will have to spend a lot of money to get out of its financial predicament. However, it will still be a small step towards meeting La Liga Santander’s pay cap.

As it stands, the club will not be able to register their new signatures, nor will they be able to ratify Lionel Messi’s new contract. The La Liga deadline comes at the end of August, and the club needs to find a solution as soon as possible.

In addition to selling some of their top earners to raise salaries from the wage bill, club officials are also talking to other stars in the hope of agreeing to a pay cut. It will be a massive sacrifice for the players, who may have to give up half of what they have earned.

John Lipporta
Barcelona President John Laporta

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