September 18, 2021

Ban on pubs under 21, hoodies, bomb bags, Stone Island, ‘Chaos’ and ‘Roadmen’

A pub has banned teens, hoodies, track suits and Stone Island clothing from “Chow” and “Roadman”.

Brian Hyle found himself in hot water over the weekend after being banned from The Orange Tree Pub in Harford for being under the age of 21 because he was “unable to handle his alcohol.”

Harford Pub The Orange Tree is banning people under the age of 21 over the weekend because they are 'unable to handle their alcohol'


Harford Pub The Orange Tree is banning people under the age of 21 over the weekend because they are ‘unable to handle their alcohol’
Some locals say the move is a matter of age and class discrimination.


Some locals say the move is a matter of age and class discrimination.Credit: Getty

He is barring anyone from wearing sportswear, bone, track suits, bomb bags or Stone Island branded clothing on any other day of the week.

Brian – who took over the Boozer last summer – said the measures were aimed at cracking down on random customers, whom he described as “chow and roadmen wearing balm bags.”

But young people have accused Brian of prejudice and class discrimination.

Brian has defended the policy, saying he wants the Orange Tree to become a “proper” Herford pub again.

‘Very nice’

Neil Finlay, a 19-year-old student from Harford, said the move was “very rare.”

“Is [Brian] Ever heard of a book not being judged by its cover?

“This age distinction is pure and simple and once again young people are being unfairly stained with the same brush.

“He’s telling Stone Island outfits that they’re not good enough for his pub. How can you decide based on a customer’s jacket choice?”

“Why don’t you ban someone who causes trouble, rather than everyone who has a certain age to wear a bone?”

A 22-year-old added: “I think some youngsters play when they are too much, but it is wrong to label us all.

“So nobody is welcome in the Somebody 400 Stone Island jacket but if I join a pair of Pri 5 Primark pants I’ll be fine. It doesn’t make sense.

“Some of my colleagues are only 20 and we don’t bother, but now we can’t drink there because of this bunker discriminatory policy.

“It’s also class discrimination. Many of the people who are wearing these clothes are working class boys. They are being segregated because of their social class.”

One resident wrote: “It’s a pity I wear a track suit but I’m not a thug who’s comfortable to wear.”

Another added: “Sure, the way you dress doesn’t tell you how the younger generation works in this scenario, especially after a few drinks.

“Wouldn’t it be better to ban the troublemakers in your bar instead of judging the bones that everyone wears when many of them are decent, well-thought-out people?”

Some supported the move, with a backing post: “Good for them. Especially with the attitude of not handling them.” [sic] Drink … need to show some respect for others. “

Another shared: “We all think so, but in the end no one dares to say that. Unfortunately, most young people dress in a certain way.”

One-third said the move was tough, “but a completely right decision to keep these young people out of trouble.”

The pub owner said: “Young people don’t know how to handle themselves in a pub.

“Many of them have turned 18 during the lockdown and are abusing to be fair and leaving other users.

“Maybe they have people in their 40’s or 50’s who wear it (Stone Island and sportswear), but I’m trying to make a statement.

“These are young people who are causing trouble.

“There’s a lot of young people here, or roadmen, with bomb bags in Harford, if you know what I mean, [sic] Going to the pub again and again and they don’t know how to behave. “

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