October 20, 2021

As Glasgow’s MSP, the SNP Trio Top Bill claims a cost of مل 1 million.

Glasgow’s MSP has billed about ایک 1.5 million last year.

The city’s 15 MSPs claimed travel, and hotels, as well as office rent and staff costs.

Most of the year involved homework and trips to Edinburgh as Hollywood Road was subject to a lockdown in March 2020.

The biggest claim came from Kevin Sandra White, the SNPMSP, who stood in the last election after serving in every parliament since 1999.

He claimed a total of 28,394. The bill included 18 1,800 for ایڈ 140 per night for Edinburgh hotels.

This was followed by Bill Kidd, SNPMSP for Anisland, who claimed 24,738.

The third highest was James Dornan, SNPMSP for Keith Cart, who claimed 23,053.

The lowest claim of the city’s MSPs was from Adam Tomkins, a Conservative MSP with a bill of 6,080.

Tomkins did not run in the 2021 election for another term.

The second lowest was his Tory ally Annie Wells, who billed 8,498.

The third lowest Labor MSP was Johan Lamont, who was the MSP from 1999 to the May election, claiming 8,537.

Among them, the MSP claimed 11,702 for staff homework costs because their constituency and Hollyroad staff had to work from home during epidemics.

The MSPs claimed more than 18 18,000 for hotel accommodation, dinner and refreshments in Edinburgh alone.

Travel costs for Glasgow MSPs are just under 10,000.

Most of the motoring costs came from the four MSPs claimed for motor mileage, with Labor’s James Kelly, Pauline McNeil and Anas Sarwar and the Conservatives, Annie Wells, billing 6 6,879 between them.

The total rail travel claims for MSP were 72,473 and taxi fares were 2,270.

Only two members claim a taxi, James Dornan and Sandra White.

Dornen from his home at Queen Street Station and both from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station for tours of the Scottish Parliament.

Across Scotland The country’s total for 129 MSPs was .2 17.289 million, up 0.301 million or 1.8 percent from 16.987 million in the previous year.

Among them, MSPs received 45p per mile for p145,809 motor mileage, or about 324,000 miles.

Only one MSP claimed a cycling allowance.

Willie Renee, who was the Lab Dam leader until the May election, claimed 20 20 per mile for 8 trips, 9. 9.60 per trip for a 48-mile trip from his home to Holyroad and back again.

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