October 20, 2021

A thousand police officers investigated the online offensive material after Cousins ​​shared sick posts with colleagues before the murder.

About 1,000 police officers and staff have been investigated for publishing offensive material online.

Hundreds of police officers are being investigated for posting disturbing material on social media sites, but only a handful have left.

About 1,000 police officers have been questioned over the misuse of social media.


About 1,000 police officers have been questioned over the misuse of social media.Credit: SWNS
Protests have erupted after Van Cousins ​​was convicted of murdering Sarah Award winner.


Protests have erupted after Van Cousins ​​was convicted of murdering Sarah Euward.Credit: AFP

Despite strict instructions from some forces, officers are posting content on Facebook and Twitter.

The figures came after PC Van Cousins ​​exchanged defamatory material with colleagues on the WhatsApp before killing Sarah Award.

According to Daily mail Misunderstandings, sexism, racism and homosexual communication of several officers and staff have been investigated.

Other employees have been accused of sending explicit images and even sexually explicit material to peers who were young and vulnerable.

However, the majority, including several senior staff members, escaped with only disciplinary action.

Five other police officers are also accused of sharing “messages of common misunderstanding and racism” with Cousins ​​several months before Sarah was killed.

Three Metropolitan Police officers, including a criminal investigator.

At least 999 police officers and other personnel have been reported on social media by members of the public or their own colleagues since 2015.

The report states that at least 26 fellow police officers have committed sexual offenses.

Two of the ailing Mate police officers were jailed for their crimes in April – Cousins, 48, a month after kidnapping, raping and killing Sarah, 33.

An officer working in a unit like Cousins ​​has been charged with rape – seven months after the murder of Sarah Award.

PC David Carrick, 46, was in Matt’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command and was charged today with rape.


Former Northwest Chief Crown Prosecutor Nazir Afzal said: “This is wrong on an industrial scale.

“It suggests a culture of misuse of social media and WhatsApp to promote offensive, unwarranted and publicly damaging content.

“If you’re talking about the 1% police in our country, you have to think about how many people have not been arrested yet.”

In July, it was revealed that Harvey, the son of celebrity Katie Price, was being investigated in a WhatsApp group against eight MAT officers.

At the time, he said: “The fact that some people in the police force, who work to protect us from trolls, are themselves guilty of misusing social media is extremely worrying.

“If we are to be more kind to the people and to learn that what they say on these platforms can be not only harmful but sometimes even against the law,” he said.

It’s about the small number of staff who think it’s acceptable.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford.

About three-quarters of the allegations were considered serious and led to disciplinary action, but only 53 personnel left the force.

One of his employers was a PC who took a picture of a dead victim and shared it on WhatsApp and another who set the neo-Nazi ‘SS’ symbol as his profile picture.

Another West Yorkshire police staff member posted a sexually explicit video of him on Twitter, but it was dealt with “administratively.”

Of all the forces, Matt made the most, 277 charges, but only provided last year’s figures.

Avon and Somerset police found a superintendent and a detective chief inspector investigating social media abuse.

She filed 126 charges, including one against a “vulnerable woman” who complained that an officer had tried to contact her “on a large scale” online and on mobile.

Social Media Miso.

Cumberland police found the crew interrogating underage girls for sending sex messages and “unsolicited follow-up requests” on Instagram.

A special Surrey police constable resigned after posting “inappropriate and racist” on his social media, and a staff member was disciplined for “racially provocative” Facebook posts.

A PC was also fired after he started an “inappropriate relationship” with a 16-year-old girl on Facebook.

Surrey police said its staff rarely falls short of the standard and the majority of violations are personal accounts rather than government channels.

Avon and Somerset said it encouraged “appropriate use” of social media and warned staff that any violations could result in disciplinary action.

Chief Police Constable Craig Guildford, a spokesman for the National Police Chiefs Council, said he was working to address the misuse of social media.

He added: “We are aware of unusual cases where inappropriate content has been posted or shared. It is about the fact that very few staff members think it is acceptable.

The awardee was assassinated by the present service cousin.


The awardee was assassinated by the present service cousin.Credit: PA
Five officers are being questioned for sending inappropriate messages to Cousins.


Five officers are being questioned for sending inappropriate messages to Cousins.Credit: PA
Commissioner Cressida Dick came under fire.


Commissioner Cressida Dick came under fire.Credit: AFP

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