September 18, 2021

A Tennessee man has died after being ‘sweetened’ by Twitter users

Last year, a Tennessee man lost his life after being “sweetened” by people seeking his Twitter handle.

Mark Herring, 60, registered for the Twitter handle at Tennessee when the social media platform was still in its infancy. According to NewsweekHerring used the name because he loved his home state and Tennessee volunteers, but as Twitter became more popular in recent years, the demand for usernames grew faster.

Herring received several offers to sell her Twitter handle, but always refused. It was not uncommon for potential buyers to resent the refusal to sell, but things changed for the worse in April last year.

On April 27, several of Herring’s relatives, including his two daughters and his ex-wife, began receiving pizza deliveries they had not ordered. Multiple orders were placed at their respective addresses, all cash shipments. Frightened relatives tried to reach the herring, but no reports were received WKRN-TV

Her son-in-law, Gary Hodge, finally managed to get in touch with her through his resident girlfriend, who told him, “Everything is fine. I’m in the back of a police car. I had to go.” “

According to the report, police received a call from Herring’s number claiming that he had killed a woman on the property. Officers responded to the scene, pulled out guns and found Herring on his porch, where they demanded that he keep his hands up. As a result of this visit, the unruly herring suffered a massive heart attack, and he lost his life.

The family soon learned that the two men had recently approached Herring to sell their Twitter handle, and began using allegedly threatening tactics to force him. Police have now identified two minors, one from Tennessee and one from the UK, who were reportedly responsible for the change that led to Herring’s death. the people.

The Tennessee suspect, Shane Sonderman, has since turned 18 and is accused of being an adult. He pleaded guilty to fraud / conspiracy in West Tennessee District Court in March. Interaction of threats. Misinformation and fraud. And conspiracy. Charging documents revealed that he had six other victims across the country, but only Herring died.

Sunderman’s British co-founder is still a minor and will not be extradited to the United States.

Police line
Crime Scene Police Line | Photo courtesy of Getty Images: Getty Images / Scott Olson

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