A huge 500-pound black bear nicknamed Tank Hank broke into 28 houses in a furious hunt for food

A GIANT bear wreaks havoc on dozens of homes in its desperate hunt for food, but hasn’t harmed any humans.

A 500-pound bear known as Tank Hank has broken into at least 40 California homes since July to eat human food.


The 500 kg bear was nicknamed Hank Tank.Credit: Bear League
Hank Has Robbed At Least 40 Houses In The Last Year.


Hank has robbed at least 40 houses in the last year.Credit: Bear League

The latest burglary in South Lake Tahoe took place just last week, when Hank broke into an apartment building through a window. photo posted from the city police department.

Although many residents have come face to face with the giant creature, Hank is known in the area as a “gentle giant” who is constantly hungry, which is logical for his size.

Despite its harmlessness, the authorities are determined to end the bear’s roaming because of the damage to property and the fear it causes in people.

“This is what we call a highly addicted bear, which means that this bear has lost all fear of humans and connects humans to food and food sources,” said Peter Thira of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. ABC7.

The department set up bear traps in the area, but they were removed due to the public’s affection for Hank.

The locals, as well as the authorities, have tried to scare Hank away with loud noises, paintball guns, and even a stun gun, but he continues to break into houses.

The League of BEARS, a non-profit wildlife rescue group, agrees that Hank needs to be stopped, but does not want Hank to be killed.

League chief executive Ann Bryant believes the animal should be taken to a shelter.

“Everyone is expressing horror at the plans to kill Hank,” Bryant said. on Facebook.

“We have not spoken or heard from any person who believes that the bear deserves to die.

“After all, he just answers the ringing of the dinner bell, like all bears.”


Reporting New York Times Hank Tank says the black bear weighs 500 pounds.

Hank didn’t grow so big because of his usual diet of berries, but because of food prepared for people.

The availability of scraps and scraps took Hank to places where there was no food, places where bears were not always welcome.

Watch a Florida man fight a black bear on his front porch while protecting his dogs.

Another heroic dog owner fought off two bears to protect her dogs in New Jersey.

Hank Didn'T Hurt Anyone


Hank didn’t hurt anyoneCredit: South Lake Tahoe Police.
Hank Breaks Into Houses Most Often Through Windows.


Hank breaks into houses most often through windows.Credit: South Lake Tahoe Police.
Bear Traps Set Up In The Area Were Removed Due To Public Outcry.


Bear traps set up in the area were removed due to public outcry.Credit: Bear League

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